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A Social Media Marketing Plan That Generates Leads & Income This Week

Article by Joseph Musumeci

The social media marketing plan below is proven and holds a 100% success rate of generating endless leads and customers quickly.

I know that is a strong statement but one that is very true. Most people trying to earn money online fail because they simply do not have a daily strategy and formula, you do now and I promise it works if you do:).

We know that content is king online, in truth it is free content that is king. Anyone who is earning the big bucks online offers free valuable content that starts the process of building a Hugh list of leads that will allow total financial security.

So we start with a free gift that offers value within your niche that is connected to an autoresponder that will be sent immediately upon your prospect opting into your list.

Okay now we need to let people know about this great free content. There are several ways to do this but I am going to give you a full proof marketing strategy. Create one article every day within your niche. If your niche is Internet marketing there are thousands of subjects within that niche you can write about.

The article should be around 400 plus words which really does not take much time to create. Now take your article and create a second spun article where you change a few words within each sentence. We are doing this to avoid any penalties from Google.

Take your original article and make it into a post on your blog (If you don’t have a blog more to come on that). Now go to facebook and find 30 groups within your niche. Simply type your niche into the facebook search bar. An example would be Internet Marketing Groups.

Join at least 30 groups and take the URL of your post in your blog and place it in the 30 groups with a strong title and description. This will generate leads from facebook and back links for Google.

Now join for free five of high page ranking article directories such as, and GoArticles. Now take your spun article and submit it to the five directories with a link back to the specific URL of your post in your blog.

You with me so far, seems like a lot but trust me after a week this is two hours per day of work with amazing results. Okay, almost done. Now go create a blog at who by the way is owned by Google.

Take five minutes and post the spun article as a post on but remember to add back links. Another words within at least two sentences towards the end of your article have a call to action with the keyword that you wrote the article on.

So if you wrote your article on Internet marketing tips you might have a call to action like this.

Here is a great free article on Internet marketing tips that will increase your traffic by 400%. Simply take the words Internet marketing tips and turn them into a link back to the URL of your post on your blog.

If you follow this simple strategy and the strategies listed below, I assure you the results are amazing. Your leads will go through the roof not to mention your income with your new customers.

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