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best search engine optimization software -Ok , let’s talk about best search engine optimization software . see,there are a few softwares for doing seo.let me talk about them .[1] Article Spinner – See, if you submit your article to many article submission sites and if all they articles are same then google will punish for you for sure , therefore people do “spinning” of there article , let’s talk about this spinning thing .suppose that your article is “music is something which is in demand bla bla bla … ” then article spinning means , you will write your article like this “the thing which is in demand now a days , is music bla bla bla ..”writing your article , just using some other words , so that google would be unable to find that the article is not unique , is article spinning .article spinning is done for cheating with google and it is really working and helpful .below at end of this article you will find a link for downloading and getting this software..till then let’s talk about other best search engine optimization software / softwares .[2]Niche Finder – Niche is nothing else but subcategory of your main topic . let me explain it in simple sentences , suppose that your site is on “music” then your niche would be “download music” and “romantic music ” and blah blah blah .. there are some softwares for finding your niche .again , in last of this article , there is a link for getting this software for free .[3]Link builder – Yupp , here the main software comes , link builder , a software that really builds links itself , link building is the most importaint thing for doing search engine optimization and a best search engine optimization software can be a best link builder but the problem is that all automatic link builders softwares are paid , but still in last of this article you will be finding a link for downloading this software for truly free .[4]Auto bookmarker and Auto pinger softwares -click here for downloading and getting all these best search engine optimization softwares for free .

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