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Building A Social Media Website

Article by Casey Trillbar

Social media websites are very popular nowadays. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent examples of social media websites as they are both extremely popular and used by millions of people and thousands of businesses everyday. You too can build a successful social media website.

Adding widgets to your website is an excellent idea. Many websites do this such as Twitter. They allow you to post your own widget on your account. A widget is an application. Using one can gain you access to services or perform functions. Widgets can actually increase the traffic to your social media site.

Voting is another great way to get people interactive. A good example of a website that has a voting system is Digg. Digg allows you to vote for a story and if it becomes popular it can be shown on your home page. If the story were to be voted down, it would keep many people from being able to view the story. Voting on stories can keep people entertained as they can read news or whatever it may be and be in control to put their opinion as to whether they like it or dislike it freely.

Including status updates for your website is also another brilliant idea. Many people like to voice their opinions or how they are feeling or maybe even what they are doing. Also providing a way to comment on the statuses are good to. This will allow people to be extremely interactive and get more personal with each other, which many people like. It is extremely addicting for people bring them back to the site over and over throughout the day. By allowing them to post news updates, personal updates, and many other various things, this will increase the amount of clicks on your site.

Having private messaging on your website is also vital. Many people like to hold private conversations with each other so that the whole world doesn’t have to see a lot of their personal talk. This is exactly like using an emailing system such as AOL. This is used on most social media websites for people to connect and talk more personally.

Providing a recommendation system is great also. You can recommend to people, friends they might know so they can get in contact, especially long lost friends. Facebook holds a good example of this system and many people like it as it is convenient and fun. Of course every social media site should already have a feature that allows people to add friends. People love it when they can add friends, family, bands, artists and all sorts of people. It makes interaction so much easier. If you allow adding people from all over the world that is a huge plus as many people love to interact with other cultures.

Having an authentication system is intelligent also as it is social media. You’ll need to provide the basics such as password and username, but also backing up their security with questions or personal emails incase of a lost password or forgotten username. By following these simple guidelines you could start your own social media site.

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