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Article by Ahmed Moheildeen

More and more businesses are discovering the huge impact of internet users on their market. The internet has large untapped communities waiting to be clients; all they need is to know about a new business. You can take advantage of that and be the middle man. Many companies outsource their social media marketing, and you can make money doing that.

Social media marketing is not just spamming forums and sites with links or “testimonials” for a business; it is a very demanding job that needs keen research and a feel for the different kinds of communities online. Here are some tips to get you started with your social media marketing.

Earn Cash Make Money Online Start Social Media marketing Tip Number 1: know your targets

There is nothing more time wasting than marketing to the wrong people. If you are doing a marketing campaign on Facebook for example, you have to choose the groups related to interests and topics that you know your target customers are going to be interested about.

Earn Cash Make Money Online Start Social Media marketing Tip Number 2: don’t spam

There is a difference between marketing and spamming. Never spam a bunch of link on some site and just leave congratulating yourself on a job well done. Spamming will actually hinder and hurt your business. It will make targeted clients ignore or worse resent you.

Earn Cash Make Money Online Start Social Media marketing Tip Number 3: use video

Video is more effective than words when it comes to marketing. You can attract attention of a large number of people with a short well made video. Video are also easy to share and propagate on social media sites and will actually do the job for you. Remember to keep it short and to the point, you don’t want to bore your targeted customers.

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