Reputation Management If you have not completed your Google Places profile, then you are losing customers. Completing this profile carefully and completely can bring more new business to your company. If you are not sure that local marketing matters for your business, watch these two videos before you continue with this one. Here’ why every business needs google places- This video explains what local directory marketing is and how it works: I create marketing programs so they require zero extra work on your part. I that know you’re busy managing your business so my job is to plan it AND execute it for you. I’ll show you what you should do and the order you should do it in so you can build it incrementally. That way, it pays for itself in new prospects and customers as it grows. Please call me so we can get started today….(646) 435-0119 If you want to see more videos about getting more new customers with Google Places, you can go here: if you want to read more about the business you can go here:

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