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How to become a social media GURU

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Social media is very broad term and becoming a leader in the field is not a cup of tea. One needs to have the appropriate knowledge and skill to master it. There are some of the social media experts who can help you achieve your social media destination.We have been facing a huge change in technology since a long time, from fans to A.C.’s, taps to aqua guards and computers to laptops. No one can, in any ways dissipate even one day not taking benefit of the greatest shifts of generation. Same is the case with media. Human being have experienced the listenership of radios, the readership of newspapers and the viewership of television increase tremendously and now its time to experience the user ship of social media augment terrifically.

There was an age when parents had to tow their children inside the house, and now is the age when they have to drag them outside. Social media has been successful in taking over all forms of media. But it is definitely not limited to children and youngsters. It is useful for media planners, agencies, advertisers and everybody. Follow the points below and nobody can stop you from becoming a social media Expert:

Position yourself as a king of your trade (Expert): Everybody today uses social media. Everyone can open a profile in it. The misunderstanding arises when someone thinks that doing this can make them a social media king.Social media is a huge field, and mastering it is as difficult. Sure the concept is simple, but there are a lot of things to be learnt. One has to know the inside out of the field, only then can he master it and initiate his business in different platforms of social media. Identify your target market: Ones you have gained expertise in the field and mastered it, the second step is to identify your target market. So before you launch a social media campaign, you need to recognize which set of people does your business cater? Ones you have figured this out, you can target your campaign to charm particularly to this assembly of customers you have selected.One can target various groups of people at the same time. The next step is to design your strategy in such a way that you can lure more and more people. What is your value proposition to your prospect: After recognizing your target audiences, give them the services that they desire. Choose the exact services to offer your clients that they may be interested in. Make a list of offers that you can provide your customers; this will make them revisit and at the same time attract more and more new customers. You also have an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to selecting services depending on the type of business you deal in.Talk about quality and customer satisfaction: Let your clients know about the quality of your products. Customer satisfaction is the main objective of every business. Let the products and services delivered by your company meet and outshine customer expectation. Provide your customers with the best in industry products ensuring supreme quality and customer satisfaction.Talk about best of breed in your profession: Choose the best in class platforms to market your business. There are various social media platforms where one can promote their industry depending upon the type of business.The various social media sites are:Facebook: Facebook the best and the most emerging way to promote your business online. Though it is mostly considered to be a platform for personal use, with more and more adults joining in, it is certainly poised to be the next biggest B2B networking and marketing platform.Twitter: Ttwitter is the easiest from of platforms to endorse a business. You can find people having alike interests and interrelate and communicate with them.LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one platform where all small, medium and big businesses reside. It is used to generate a strong relationship and get feeds and ideas about the company and its services.YouTube: YouTube is the biggest video marketing platform. Today more and more people are seen attracted towards innovative videos, thus making use of YouTube for endorsing your business is the most ground-breaking technique.Blogger: Blogging is an eminent and the best way to connect to people and tell them about your company or its services. Blogs have to be updated from time to time. Squidoo: Squidoo is huge content sharing site that can help you lure your targeted customers. Engage your clients in your conversation:

The best thing about using social media is that it is a two way path. Companies can directly converse with their clients over it. Your clienteles can give ideas and criticisms which could be worked on. You can also join numerous groups and communities relating to your industry and intermingle with specialists about whatever you want to know about your arena.


Automating your social media activity can help you save a lot of time. After all you have got a business to handle. There are various automating tools, that one can use to automate their social media action.• Blabber• Twaitter• CoTweet• HootSuite


Social media is a way to market yourself, your business, your products and services. Ones you have done this the next step is to know how successful your business is on social media. It can be difficult to monitor how your execution is through the wide range of the Internet. With powerful tools like Google analytics, one can monitor the company’s presentation and outcomes across numerous social media platforms.

Be wiling to change your strategy:

Social media is one strategy that never fails. It has made many small companies come into picture and well-known. Where there is a 90% chance of being successful on social media, there still is a 10% chance of not quite succeeding in it. One should always have plan B ready with him to avoid any further delays. Keeping your alternatives ready can help your business to not go down.

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