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How to choose best social media marketing agency

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Traditional marketing tactics are just so not cool in the multi-touch era of iPhone and iPad. Social media marketing is being done on the priority and thereby, we see thousands of companies who are investing on social media marketing and thousands of companies are there to support them in their business agenda. Hence, social media marketing is way cost-effective and efficient for masses. If you want to capture local niche market along with global, you need not to spend too much on it. All you need to do is create social media profiles on different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster etc. But creating profiles on such networks will not be enough, you need to have full fledged social media marketing strategy to get your target and hit your niche with your goods and services. And this social media marketing strategy should be developed by some professional and skilled social media marketing agency and not by some wanna-be-losers.

So before hunting for some excellent social media marketing agency, you need to know the crucial factors for selection. You just can’t be so dumb and grant your project to any amateur company. It’s all about your online image which can be ruined over night. All it requires is poor social media marketing, and you are out of the league.

Here we go and discover crucial factors for choosing best social media marketing agency for your business.

It has to be 2 years old

You must not assign your marketing plan to someone amateur and less than two years. Your social media marketing either can bang the market or can crash your own business; all depend on the agency you select. Things you do online, go viral instantly and once they are on virtual World Wide Web, balls will go in the direction and none can stop.

Atleast two years of old social media marketing agency will possess experience, expertise, past projects for verification, PR, advanced tools & techniques, extended social circle and creative and proficient team to handle your project.

It has to have physical office

Agencies which only exist on virtual world can’t be fully trusted. Only professional companies have physical setup, which can be verified by meeting. If you don’t live in the city, you can send any of your representatives over there to check them out. Or if you don’t have anybody to verify, you can guess by the openness and reluctance of that company when you will ask them their postal address.

Not every company mentions postal address on the web, but it can later be disclosed over phone chat or any other communication mode.

It has to have reasonable portfolio

Find out if the portfolio of social media marketing agency is reasonable enough to allot them more work. They claim that they have been working since years, their portfolio is their representative of their words. Some don’t show all the work on their web, so you better ask them for the past projects they have done so far.

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