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How Website Optimization Services Boost Traffic

Article by Sarah Dessen

For most businesses, Internet marketing is an essential component of an advertising campaign. A company website, web page or other Internet presence such as a dedicated blog, can invite traffic generally comprised of potential customers to your site. Website optimization services are effective in increasing traffic, speed, rate of sales and conversion rates. The combination of these services enhances return on investment (ROI).

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that improves the ranking of a web page or blog on a search engines ranking page (SERP). The higher the ranking on the page, the more visibility that web page or blog has to potential visitors. The quality of published content, regular updates of content and selection of keywords play a significant role in SEO. Random selection of keywords can deter your SEO attempts. If you have spent large sums of money in sophisticated development of a website using high level programming, without use of top keywords your website would slip in rankings and not reach the target audience.

Website optimization involves much more than the selection of keywords and inclusion of META tags. Title, content, overall design concept, image alt text are all factors that determine the ranking of your website. Although META tags are no longer recognized by many search engines, several search engines still use META tags for rankings.

A significant volume, approximately 60% – of all web traffic, is diverted from the major search engines. When an internet user is searching for anything, they will go to a search engine like google or yahoo, type in a keyword phrase and, at the most, glance over the results in the first page or second page (top 10-20 results). Getting your website listed near the top and within the first 10 results, should be a priority for you, so that your website receives maximum visibility.Researching the keyword phrases is very important for successful SEO. One word keywords are generally avoided as they do not rank very high in most major search engines. Using specific terms and brand names or models often help in driving highly targeted traffic to your site.

Publishing fresh, unique content on your website and updating the content on a regular basis is essential in SEO. Different search engines have different guidelines for web page ranking. Moreover, the guidelines are changed regularly and it is difficult to keep abreast of these changes. Hiring professional SEO consultants with long experience and expertise in the business makes sense for website optimization services.

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