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Important Features of a Social Media Website

Article by Broderick Bell

Social Media websites have taken over the web drastically and this has affected web developers/ designers everywhere. With the success of sites like Twitter, Reddit, Digg etc many developers have started to adapt social media features into their own websites. Following is the list of the important features of a social media website:

The first major benefit of social media is that it brings awareness. It is a low-cost way to get your name or the name of your organization on the web and into the minds of customers, patrons, and prospects. Anyone can set up an account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Merchant Circle, Plaxo and dozens of other sites free of charge. The only cost involved is the cost of your time.

Although parents should be aware of their child’s online activity, social media sites provide a safe and secure environment for teens. The three networking sites mentioned above are considered to be among the safest. Facebook and MySpace also offer help and support features for newbies just learning to navigate the world of online social media outlets.

You should be looking to target specific groups and drive those people that are most likely to respond to your businesses’ call to action. I recommend that you use Facebook for this. With Facebook, you can sign up friends who have similar interests, and want to engage in conversations, chats, and blogs about it. You should set up at Facebook account for your business.

Twitter. Twitter is a privately owned blogging service that allows friends, family and business associates share information through brief mini-blogging conversations. Keyword searches are available to help users zero in on specific topics they want to investigate for public impressions and opinions.

Jaiku. Yet another Google company, Jaiku allows many users to post comments to common “channels”, similar to discussion threads. Other Jaiku users may be invited to join channels to contribute to channel conversations. – LinkedIn is a business networking site. It has a professional environment, and is a great place to network with fellow business people. This site has a great “Question and Answer” section where people post questions and anyone can post a public response. This is a great way to get some valuable information about almost any topic, and get to know people by the answers they provide.

The step to bringing buyers to your outside website, even if you are happy with sales within Many social media sites, cannot be overstated. If you rely on any third-party website to develop your commerce, and do not establish some way to bring those buyers under your own umbrella, you may find that what seems like insignificant policy changes to Many social media sites could wipe out your commerce model and your buyers in a day. So, always, always, try to retain control of your own commerce model, whenever possible.

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