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Is there A Difference Between Search Engine Optimization Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

Article by Greg Pierce

The increasing demand for Internet marketing share and the potential profits that it can bring are the factors why SEO marketing is becoming more and more popular today. Majority of consumers, according to research, are now very conscious with the products they buy. In fact, they will now research on certain products before deciding whether to buy it or not. The numbers are staggering and indicative of the importance of ensuring your website’s products and services are recognized by the search engines.

Internet marketing has taken the web by storm with pay per click ads, banner advertising, video and interactive marketing, email marketing, auto-responders and, of course, search engine optimization, or SEO.

Let’s focus on Search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is to drive traffic to your website so that it can get high ranking on search engines. This is attained through on-page and off-page techniques. If you have a steady and long term plan, you are guaranteed to reap the benefits in time. You can develop these plans on your own or with the help of an SEO consultant. In essence, a website will miss out potential sales when it is not noticed in the search engines.

Just imagine, with SEO, clients are actually searching for you on the Internet. With traditional marketing methods, you have to mention your website and then hope that a prospective customer will visit it after reading your print or TV ad. But with SEO marketing, you are directing your targeted clients right to your website. The good thing is that your customers who will be visiting your sites are high quality leads. This means that these are those who will be your potential buyers. When using SEO methods, it is hands-down the best traffic you can get to your website.

But how much will be paying? With SEO marketing, as your target audience increases, your cost dont’ increase unlike those traditional methods of advertising. For example, a magazine may charge 0 for a full page ad if they have 10 thousand readers. Another magazine with 20 thousand readers can charge a higher rate of 0. With SEO, your costs won’t be tied to the number of clicks you will be getting.

You might think, we’ve always conducted our brand marketing through traditional marketing mediums, such as TV, print and radio. Yes, these are highly respectable methods of marketing but you should know that most of the local shoppers have moved online. More and more consumers are becoming Internet savvy in both their personal and work lives.

If potential customers couldn’t find your business when they type in their search keywords while doing their online research, then they are being directed to your competitors’ websites by default. You can’t afford losing customers, right? So you should start moving your business online and employ SEO techniques. Not only will you get high rankings but your sales will also increase.

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Hiring an SEO company will be one of the most important investments an online businessman can make. Search engine optimization can be tricky for someone who lacks experience unless a businessman is an SEO expert himself. Read a few SEO Testimonials if you want to know how this really works and how an SEO company can be your asset.

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