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Knowing if Social Media Marketing is Right for Your Business

Article by Jeremy Smith

As companies make the move online, many often wonder if social media right is right for their business. The answer, however, is as varied as the businesses who ask the question. There are definitely some key ideas to consider before embarking on the journey to social media maven status.

First of all, it’s important to know your business, and know what it is you expect out of social media efforts. This can drastically affect what networks will work best for your business. Are you B2B selling machinery parts to big companies? In that case, Myspace might not be for you. If you own a small stylish boutique selling hand crafted clothes and hair accessories, however, you should consider being all over Myspace, Twitter, and Facebook, but LinkedIn may not show you the results you’re looking for. Knowing your business is so important if you are planning to set out in the social media sphere. Equally important is to know why. Are you hoping to increase traffic by having more sales? Are you setting out to maintain a positive brand image? Do you want feedback and ideas from customers? Maybe you’re looking for brand awareness and reputation management. Know what you want, because it’ll greatly impact your strategy for getting it.

It is common for some businesses to get the impression that social media is a formulaic process that you can follow step by step, and that just isn’t the case. It is impossible to get a good return in social media by simply creating 50 different social profiles and leaving them alone. Nothing will come of it except the tremendous waste of time to set them all up. Social media online works just like socializing offline. If you don’t interact with people, no one will interact with you, and hence you accomplish nothing. Depending on your business, how many networks you’re involved in, and what you wish to accomplish, you can bank on spending anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour a day on social networking.

Many companies start out on social media without a plan and end up feeling lost and overwhelmed only to abandon efforts later when they find they are in too deep to continue at such a pace. If you find yourself in over your head, hiring a company to come in, assess your networks, and give you advice is a great way to get you back on your feet. Social media is time consuming, but the efforts can and often do reap excellent rewards, and finding the right people to help your company out could really increase the traffic to your social profiles, and therefore your website or business.

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