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Article by James Delano

The idea of marketing on the Internet makes a business owner think BIG, BIG, BIG. Images of the country, the continent, the globe, maybe customers in outer space; it all just blows up into an enormous picture of profit in the mind’s eye. Wait a minute and please shelf that thought. It is possible to think small; to target a market that isn’t the size of the universe but can be just as profitable.

Using local search engine marketing, thinking small, means the marketing department must pay very close attention to the content of a website. Words are what generate any search on the Internet, and phrases mean different things in different places. A keyword study emphasizing the idioms of speech in a small market is important in creating a local presence on the web. Is the site attracting the local population and are the neighbors reading the message? A company needs to have analytics to uncover that. Analytics is the process of collecting data from the Internet and interpreting what it means. These statistics include demographics, and permits a company to discover how many local residents are visiting the site. Such information is important to the local marketer and can help fine tune the search engine marketing program. Communications technology can be a valuable tool. A local business may discover that Smartphones (iPhone, Blackberry, Palm, etc.) can bring a customer to the website faster than a PC connection. Making greater use of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are also means of perking up traffic.

All of the above clearly points to an understanding that local search engine marketing has many of the same features as a global strategy, but on a smaller playing field. A local company has to remember that search engines are not just a fad, but are as important as billboards or television commercials. This will require a commitment to local search engine marketing and on-going search engine optimization practices, such as updating key words, will have to become part of the company’s standard administrative activity. Local search engine marketing, by the way, doesn’t mean just marketing in a given zip code. This strategy can be for a large standard metropolitan area (SMSA) or it can be for a region covering several counties. It does mean that the Internet marketing strategy has to be fine-tuned. Local Internet marketing means firing out the company’s message with a sharpshooter’s rifle instead of a shotgun. It can be done.

Granted, a large company may not be interested in this but local search engine marketing can be a game changer for a small business owner. The services offered by a few select companies can help a small business owner meet the challenges of search engine marketing and be very successful at it. Small doesn’t mean poor at all. It means being sensitive to the needs of a local market and alerting the neighbors of what a company has to offer. Effective local search engine marketing makes that happen. Visit today.

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