Reputation Management

0:00-1:00 On This Week in Social Media we’re talking about People Power with Mark Pesce and Brad McCarty. 1:00-1:30 Mark, how are things in Sydney? 1:30-4:15 Mark, you developed a whole world of virtual reality through VRML. How do you think we’ve ended up since the vision you had in the 1990s? 4:15-5:15 At one point, the tweets were moving faster than the storm (Hurricane Irene) itself. 5:15-7:00 Welcome to Brad, North American editor for The Next Web. How are things in Nashville? 7:00-8:30 Brad- I was looking at a story out of Indonesia this week about a woman who ran a social media campaign for an election in Indonesia and is now getting offers as a social media coach. 8:30-11:00 This week, we’re taking a look at MTV and their use of social media for the Movie Awards. Any reaction, Mark or Brad? 11:00-11:30 At that event, Beyonce broke the news of her pregnancy and generated more tweets per minute than any other world event, ever. 11:30-13:30 Even a year after the BP Deepwater Horizon incident, BP continues to lose in its social media efforts to rehabilitate the brand. 13:30-16:00 Doesn’t it seem strange that a head of PR wouldn’t use these tools themselves and be familiar with them? 16:00-17:00 Brad: Pitch me on Twitter. 140 characters or less is what I have time to read. 17:00-19:00 Marketers say they want to have a dialogue with their customers, but their dollars are still spent on traditional, one-sized media. 19:00-20:15 Mark: Guidelines are different than brands

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