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Keynote Session – Online Marketing Today, Tomorrow and in 2020 The new decade brings a host of opportunities for the marketing executive. Social Media Marketing, Consumer Generated Media, Virtual Worlds and Search Engine Marketing open new doors for spreading your business message. Engaging consumers requires increased understanding and adoption of innovative tactics and emerging media in order to amplify brand efforts. Never before has the marketing executive been so vital to the success of the corporate strategy. This keynote will dive deep into the realm of Social Media and the potential it can bring to SMBs and Fortune 500s alike. • How to connect with your consumer in the digital age • How to clearly define your marketing objectives in 2010 and simplify the path to making them a reality • How to deliver and maintain your online presence efficiently with adaptability to inevitable future advances in digital media platforms Michael Donnelly, Group Director Worldwide Interactive Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company – Day One, Berlin 2010
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