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MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE here – Online video marketing is big business. By this year – 2013, Cisco and YouTube say that 90% of all traffic will stem from video. With video consumption jumping 60% in the last year alone (comScore) smart business owners have stopped asking, “why use video?” Instead, they’re asking “how can I incorporate video into every aspect of my business?” The huge buzz over video really came about because of Google, who purchased YouTube in 2006, for .65bn. It has been promoting online video as a search engine tool ever since. In 2012 it has become a critical part in how we all consume information and just to illustrate this point, YouTube receives 4 billion views each day! In fact, online video is even at the forefront of traditional media like print and television. Gone are the days of thinking of online video as a source for “how-to” videos. Today, we’re able to view pretty much everything on video — from how-to’s, the world’s sillies pranks etc. to the latest news, politicians’ speeches and even CEOs’ annual reports. As a result, marketers, public relations professionals and business owners have to learn even more new skills and thinking. They also have to determine the size of their investment and quality of production based on their target audience and business objectives, as video can now be created to meet the needs of almost any budget. So how can you leverage the benefits of online video? 1. Start using online video right
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