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Optimizing Search Engine Marketing Strategies Part1

Article by Nimit Shah

While doing search engine optimization for a new company or for companies launching new products, verticals, features, etc, an SEO professional has to take into account various things so that he doesn’t commit mistakes which many others do including some Fortune 500 companies. It is the job of the SEO person to magnetize the press and get good amount of publicity in order to get a good start for the new product, feature or a vertical. Let’s take a brief look into how to create effective marketing strategies:

Creating landing pages

The first thing that you need to do to capitalize on your SEO efforts is to match user intent with the places you want to maximize your SEO for. This is the main thing to be considered while doing Search Engine Optimization for any program. You have to have a destination that takes forward user conversion. This can be done easily by creating a landing page that matches completely with the user intent.

Thinking with a marketing perspective is good but thinking only with the marketing standpoint may limit your efforts to bag the most out of your SEO strategies. A deep understanding of the product will give you relevant entry points. Knowing the release dates and feature sets will give you an added advantage. Juxtaposing the pages with the product release date will help you get better search engine marketing results.

Creating good content

Creating appropriate pre-launch strategies is an ideal way to get the most out of the SEO efforts which may take months to show a good page ranking. This is particularly relevant if your company deals with competitive verticals like financial products.

It is a good idea to put together content that will ultimately help users to know about products or features that are going to be launched soon. You can also use blogs to post content that provides necessary information about your product(s) or verticals. All these strategies when implemented fully, can add weight to your SEO efforts by giving a relevant structure to your domain when the product launch is just around the corner.

Another way to maximize your SEO techniques and get a good pay per click for your PPC campaigns is to create content that is extremely pertinent to the topic and also to the mid and long tail users. You may include tutorials in your content to enhance the knowledge of people about your product. Once the product has been launched, you can include ‘Call to actions’ to receive more response for your pay per clicks.

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