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Promote your business online using Social Media Marketing SMM(Facebook & Twitter )

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From top MNC’s to small medium sized companies, SMM has become an innovative platform to promote businesses. The number of users and the growth rate of social media sites is providing for a level playing field for companies of all sizes to market their brands online. Using Social Media marketing (SMM) web sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Digg ; business owners can do a lot of great marketing stuff, like event promotion, customer relationship management, News posting about their businesses, job openings, Videos of products and a lot more. Studies have shown that SMM helps in promoting the brand and in spreading the word around to prospective customers, faster.”The Cone Business social media study” in USA showed that93% of US citizen want that a company should have presence on social media sites,86% people want that companies should use social media sites for interacting with customersMore than 60% of people regularly interact with these companies in social media sitesMore than 43% people say, company should use social media sites for solving their problemsAnd more than 40% people believe that companies should use social media sites for getting feedback from customers.Companies like Ford, Dell, Nike etc are the few examples of corporates who have taken to social media in a big way to promote their brands.Tips for using SMMThe first step is creating your account in SMM sites with detailed information of your product and services. Don’t leave any information blank in your company profile. Use your company logo in your profile picture, and mention your company URL wherever prompted for. This will help the customers or users in locating your company web site, and indirectly help in driving visitors to your site.Another important aspect is to mine data regarding visitor activity on your SM & web pages. You need to find out which pages, they spend more time on, and which they exist earlier. When it comes to statistics of your SMM sites, you need to understand, if your visitors spend more time on your Facebook page or on Twitter or any other SMM site,which you are currently promoting. You can use some tools like ‘AddThis’ or ‘Google Analytics tool’ in order to track people clicking on your pages. For example, if you install ‘AddThis’ tool box in your site then along with a sharing button it also provides the analytic/tracking services. In order to install the analytics setup, you have to install the java script code given by AddThis in your site. Once this process is completed, you can start tracking statistics of where your visitors are sharing your website content or videos. Similarly Google provides Google Analytic services for site owner, by installing the analytic code in your site you can track, from which site visitor is coming, how many views, downloads have done on your site etc.Visitor StatisticsBesides this there are some special social media site tracking tools, which help in analyzing traffic, so that you know how well your social media sites are performing in terms of attracting visitors, and what is required to make further improvements. For example, Facebook provides a tool called ‘Insight’ for Facebook page owners. With the help of this tool, one can check the daily traffic to his Facebook page, along with detailed stats on the visitor distribution country-wise, and even city-wise.- You can even check the percentage of male and female visits to your page,- Which age group is visiting the page more?- How many people like your post, videos or link?- Total no. of comments you get for your post, total no. of wall posts written by your visitors etc.All this data help you in your product production or business promotion. You can change or can make new online business strategies by using the analytic data.Promote Your FaceBook & Twitter linksAfter doing all these things add some videos of your products, services and spread the word to your customers to visit your social media pages. Now that you have done the talking, let your customers give their feedback, asking them to post their comments & feedback. Make your customers feel special by asking them to share their ideas and comments to improve the experience. To make sure that customers keep visiting your social media pages, post discount schemes & other marketing offers, and make them available only through these social media sites, which will ensure that your customers keep visiting you to grab the best deals on offer.

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We are a digital & social media agency helping companies thrive in the Internet economy. We help businesses engage with their online audience so that their brand, product or service is noticed. We can advise you on how best you can use your budgets to generate the maximum buzz on the internet. Today it is not about having a great looking website. It is about getting your message out to your prospective audience. Social media has some fantastic tools, which when used cleverly can assist in increasing the awareness of your product or service without breaking the bank. Ongoing campaigns such as the one above will help in keeping your brand or product in the minds of the online communities you want to reach.

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