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Raise Your Website Traffic with RSS – Blogs and YAHOO! Part 1.

Article by Kamau Austin

It is the trend du jour. They are the subject of pundit press, guru glare, and is ready for mainstream adoption. RSS feeds and their communication kin the blog — are bandied about as the next big thing.

Everywhere you look there are articles and ebooks touting the electronic affinity and high value of these two forms of media creation and distribution. However can these two forms of digital media drive more traffic to your site, or — are they just hype?

Blogs are short for web logs and are like daily dairies on the web. Blogs started out as ways for Internet reality types to share their lives with other people on the web, without having to learn very complicated web design applications like Dreamweaver or Microsoft FrontPage.

While on the other hand RSS feeds are the natural extension of Blogs. RSS without getting into all the arguments over the name (for the purpose of this article) stands for Really Simple Syndication.

RSS feeds can take your blog postings and syndicate a preview of your blog headlines all over the Internet. Therefore in theory RSS feeds can drive traffic to your blogs and websites similar to how search engines have become major marketing channels.

If your blogs headlines are syndicated on major high traffic websites, RSS directories and Internet Portals it could be another major source of traffic to your website. But how effective is blog marketing to the average Internet marketer who doesn’t have a major personal brand name like John Reese, Yanik Silver, or Dr. Ken Evoy?

This question is reflected in the concerns of bottom-line focused Stephanie McIntyre, president of eSales Unlimited, an eBay Power Seller, auction trainer and coach. Stephanie has generated over 0,000 in profitable sales on eBay and has low tolerance for marketing hype.

“I am not convinced that blogging can really drive traffic or profitable sales states Ms. McIntyre. Internet Gurus like James Maduk haven’t convinced me that I can really make money with a blog.”

She isn’t alone in her skepticism. Many online business people are confused why all this hype is being created about blogs and RSS feeds. Many wonder if they can really deliver in their potential to drive more traffic and sales to business orientated Internet websites.

In short, can blogs and RSS boost really boost our website traffic? I put the technology to the test in the last four weeks to get some definite answers.

I found blogs are having some major income impact on the bottom-line of some companies and business people.

Despite many reservations by some Netpreneurs blogs and RSS feeds have been boosting the bottom-lines of some marketers. Willie Crawford, a well known Internet marketer generates over 00 dollars a day from mostly blog generated Adsense

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