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Search Engine Marketing Agency – Finding The Best Search Engine Marketing Agency

Article by Brian Garvin & Jeff West

Finding the proper Search Engine Marketing Agency isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Now just because someone is in the business of providing SEO Services doesn’t automatically make them a scam. The problem is the general public is so stifled regarding how to promote their businesses in the SERPS, that unqualified companies pop out quick template based websites within a week and call themselves SEO Professionals without any track record or experience to back them up, and many people believe them.

Some of these companies charge huge amounts of money for trivial tasks and don’t even complete them. I believe any Search Engine Marketing Agency should have the following dynamics in place if they plan on offering Search Marketing Services to the public.

1.) Documented Track Record – They should have some documented track record of success and a way to prove it. I mean if they are going to get backlinks to your site can they make it on their own as an affiliate marketer? This is proof of the pudding right there. If they can market your products and services, they should have their own or have proof they’ve marketed for others in the past and were successful.

2.) Free Competitor Analysis – Any Search Engine Marketing Agency should be able to tell you within a few minutes assuming they know your website who all of your top niche competitors are, how many backlinks they have, how old their domains are, how much Google Page Rank they have, and also give you full on-site optimization factors. I would grant any company that can give you this information before you break out your wallet at least some credibility.

3.) Easy To Contact – It’s understandable to contact someone and get an answering machine. Most Search Engine Marketing Agency make their living by going out on the Internet and getting backlinks all day long for their clients. However you should be able to leave a message and expect a call back usually within a day or so. If they are “too busy” to call you back then it’s more than likely that they don’t value your business and you should consider taking it elsewhere.

4.) Free Consultation – If they Search Engine Marketing Agency you are looking at won’t speak with you for at least 30 minutes to feel out your business and access their needs, again, they could be operating a quick buck scheme and its best to take your business elsewhere. When I do business with someone I expect them to really be concerned about my long-term success. If I sense they are just trying to pick at my wallet I’ll move on down the pike. Believe me you’ll know it when you find the right place, you’ll feel it. You should be able to sense the integrity and honesty a mile away.

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