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Search Engine Marketing Sydney – Google Paid Search Engine Marketing Sydney Part 1

Article by Sargon

There are many kind of search engine marketing in this part I will talk about Google paid search engine marketing – Google – PPC – Pay Per Click PPC – Pay Per click is the most widespread kind of search engine marketing which is widely identified. Google call it adwords and for advertising reason different search engine name it differently. The ad might hold core keywords with small description below it. The ad will becomes visible on the peak of search result or on the right position labeled by sponsored links. The ad normally becomes visible under a sponsored links on the search result. Campaign settings:This part controls the setting of the ad such as General (Campaign #1), Locations and languages, Position preference, Networks and devices, Bidding and budget, delivery method (advanced), Ad extensions and you can also use advanced setting. Such as: Schedule: Start date, ad scheduling, Ad delivery: Ad rotation, frequency capping, end date, Demographic biddingCost manager:If you are using Google then you can allocate the budget per month. Or per day as required. The prices are different from keyword to keywords and ranges from 1Cent to 100 dollars per click depending on the competition. Location manager:The ad be capable of being controlled and to be viewed within specific geographic area such as Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane or NSW or Australia wide. Other countries can be also selected depending on the ad requirements.Network control:The network is the websites that your ad will show on and it consists of Google search such as, and so on. The account holder of Google can also choose the network and you can pick managed placements, or automated placements. Also the network covers a list of search partners and many high traffic websites such as directories, including other high traffic website, online magazine and such as far I have covered Campaign settings in part 2 of this article I will cover keyword control, opportunity, reporting and belling so stay tune for part 2.

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