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Search Engine Optimization Marketing Through Articles SEO Submissions

Article by Joel McLaughlin

When it comes to obtaining links to your web site, this isn’t always the easiest task. using seo search engine optimization marketing tactics will help you to save time and increase results. We have some great tips to help website owners get the links they are looking for.

I was told by my parents that hard work pays off in the end, which is great advice. Something else that I was told is that you should work smarter instead of harder. One of the best methods I found to get a lot of quality inbound links to your site without a tremendous amount of effort is to write articles and then submit them to article sites. You can write an article about your topic and then submit it to the top 100 article sites, and this will actually produce several hundred inbound links to your site. The reason behind this is that many popular article sites offer syndication to smaller article and news sites. Therefore if you post a great article to a major article site, you will then see that your article starts appearing on other random web sites. This produces high quality links to your site, which in the end boosts your search engine rankings.

When writing seo friendly or search engine optimized articles you must take a few things in to consideration. You must create the article with a title that includes your key words. Then you must also place your key terms throughout your article several times (at least 3 times). Typically most sites require that articles are at least 500 words, you can use a word counter to double check this before you start submitting.

Some other great tactics out there for grabbing links would be through reciprocal linking, and simply asking for links. Many web sites will link to your site if you have quality content or if you offer them something to make it worth their time. If you can obtain a link on the home page of a popular site, this can give you some great credit with the search engines. Especially if you are only 1 of few outbound links from that page.

Lastly I will cover some other neat ideas to obtain inbound links. You can actually go to top social bookmarking sites and add your site as a bookmark. You can create videos and other media to post on the internet as well, and then find a way to get visitors to link to your site. Another neat idea is to give something valuable away to your website visitors and ask for a link to your site. This would mostly only work for websites that sell to other website owners. If you know a lot of people with web sites, ask them to exchange links – this helps. Remember whenever you obtain a link to your web site; make sure the anchor text pointing to your website includes your main key terms. This tells the search engines exactly what your website is about.

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