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SEO Promotion 2010 Predictions – What will change for you?

Article by Richard Baldock

Don’t you get irritated when you spend a lot of money “how to” guides, memberships and resource assisting you with your SEO (Website Search Engine Optimisation) efforts, only to find out everything’s changing in the new year?

It happens to everyone and some marketers can roll with the changes with ease, while others struggle to keep up. If you look to the future it can help looking at how things might change so you can head of the SEO lag time that most marketers will experience and stay 1 step ahead of the competition.

The most significant change you’re going to notice is that things are evolving into real time.Keywords, indexing – it’s going to be updated faster than in the past, so you won’t be able to rest on your laurels enjoying a top spot in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) and likewise, you’ll have enough opportunity to move up in the ranks if you pay attention closely.

In 2010, you’re going to see Google working on ways to include real time results (which basically means the last one to mention something, if it’s indexed – it will be displayed) with relevancy, which was Google’s biggest beef with websites that were unsung keywords to deceive searchers in the 1st place!

Real Time Search doesn’t replace regular SEO page results, though. It’s integrated into the SERPs so that you have the option of choosing the latest results or the pages. So you’ll be able to capitalize on both options for your sites & web presence.For a marketer of market trending products and services this is wonderful to defeat competition using effective keyword-laced tweets that result in good conversions.

All of the regular SEO Promotion tactics will stay the same. Backlinks from the right kind of relevant sites will be to your benefit, while so-called bad neighbourhoods will still damage your reputation.

You’ll want to post frequently on your site(s) and/or blog. You’ll also want to use relevant keyword phrases without ‘stuffing’ them.

It is expected that businesses – both offline & online – will be increasing their spending on SEO services and/or investing in SEO Promotion Tools to help them either boost or maintain their position in the search engines.

You can be a self-taught SEO expert just by teaching yourself about what tactics are allowed (and which are frowned upon) and tracking and tweaking your methods so to get the greatest traffic results.

There will be increased competition coming into the mix, so you’ll want to cut your teeth on the latest Internet Search Engine Optimization strategies (white hat of course) that are available. Some of the SEO tools you’ll need will be how to guides, while others are applications that analyze your existing traffic and make recommendations on how you can achieve even better results.

The PPC competition is also going to increase next year as brick and mortar everyday businesses join the small amount of internet savvy marketers and leverage the Google marketing powerhouse.If you intend going to go the paid route, as opposed to using free marketing avenues like SEO Promotion, then it makes sense to invest as necessary to get the most out of your money.

I hope you found this short article beneficial and I wish you every success in your 2010.

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