Reputation Management In this video you will learn about choosing the right domain name. You will learn what is a domain name What is the difference between a good domain name and a bad domain name What you should avoid, that most business owners do wrong, when choosing a domain name and how to avoid it. And the importance of having a keyword rich domain name as part of your small business marketing strategy. What is a domain name? Its the part after the http and it ends in the .com .net .ca or other extentions For example or A good domain name is SEO friendly (keyword rich) A Keyword rich domain name is key to any successful business marketing strategy online because it is the foundational step in ranking highly and getting found by your customers. What you should avoid (the bad domain names): -choosing a “cool’ domain name for your business -using your company name, unless your business name is keyword rich. Lets use the example my company name Fast Track Marketing Success however my domain name is for my business because of the number of searches for this keyword. This one step allowed me to rank on the first page of Google for the “small business advertising” keyword in a matter of few weeks with a few posts for a brand new website. But I do own the domain name for my company name and you should too. At the time of this video I have less links then some of the more high authoroty wites however I have a 100
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