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Social Media Marketing Training: Three Traffic-Getting Techniques For Direct Selling Companies

Article by 7 Peaks Publishing

If you work with a network marketing company like Pet Lane, 7 Peaks Publishing Social Media Training Course can help you generate increased sales and evolve your business!

Network Marketing is a numbers game. The more people you introduce to your opportunity, the increased amount of money you will make. To start creating a steady stream of traffic to your site, try these 3 techniques:

1) Write and distribute articles, reports, and e-books. Internet users are all are interested in one thing – information. Use this fact to promote your business by creating high quality content and letting others to reprint it for you. One great method to do this is to distribute a brandable e-book or special report. Create one that a an owner of a website or list can change to include a reference to their own opportunity. Then, they can include information on how to find the e-book and (if possible) their affiliated link for your products and services. Find out much, much more concerning manipulating social media right now through our Social Media Marketing Course.

2) Be a part of newsgroups, forums, and mailing lists. There are hundreds of forums on the internet and you can find one for virtually any niche you can think of. Most allow you to include a signature line that is appended to every post you make. This is an opportunity for you to advertise your site. Visiting these forums to post thoughtful questions and offer your expertise will result in other forum users going to your site and will bring you free, targeted traffic. How much traffic you receive is dependent on how often you post and whether your signature causes people to visit your site. A good approach is to use an ad you’ve had success with in other cases as your signature.

3) Join Networking/Social Media Sites to build your own list: Networking sites are designed to make it easy for people to meet others in an industry. Social Media sites can be utilized to reach out to people from all walks of life, not simply in your own niche, to expand your network. There are hundreds of Social Media sites, but the most successful – and populated – are Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Facebook has more than three hundred million users at this point. Its userbase is so large that if it were a country, it would be the fourth largest country in the world.

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There’s a reason why our tag line is, “Thinking Way Beyond the Book!” Our collective record with books is impressive: more than 300 best sellers for more than 1500 authors & 20 corporate clients, totaling more than 6 million in total book sales! This extraordinary record of achievement would not have been possible without our mastery of Internet and Social Media marketing and sales strategy and tactics.

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