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Social Media Purism: A Simple Truth Masked Friendly Foes

Article by Marshall Adler

Social Media purism is my coined phrase for what the Gurus of our modern day society are called. They preach that true success means you having to createcommunity and passion and social interaction in order to brand yourself as thenew solution to a specific problem. What if I told you that “Social” anything was put here in our laps to impede us fromaccomplishing the real goal? Do I have your attention? You see the elite few, themillionaires and Donald Trumps of the eWorld knew we were getting too close. Tooclose to figuring out how easy it truly is to accomplish the basic goal, so whatdid they do? They inserted Social Media into the mix to distract us all from whatit is we are truly after.Whether you live in a constant state of fear or paranoia, or you’re just scaredshitless that you’re going to fail if you climb back up the ladder from Social Media to the simple path of Consistency, there’s one common truth that applies toevery Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Executive, Employee, Business Owner and Human Being on this earth…the goal that we are being restricted from accomplish,YOU JUST WANT TO MAKE MONEY!Believe me, I know it’s hard to hear but the Social Media Purists out there preaching”community” and “passion” are just trying to mass hypnotize the true go-getters from reaching their goals. I know you say, “But I like Social Media. I have a massive following on Twitter and they read all of my blog posts, I’m getting known as the expert. Soon enough I’ll be making good money!”Do you want to make money soon or make money now?You see, while you and I are fighting through the Social Marketing jungle trying to brandourselves as the “experts” in our niche, those Donald Trumps and Millionaire Marketersare making money now doing simple easy tasks that any monkey with half a brain can do.If I came to you and told you that you could make ,000 a year working only 4 hoursa day, going door to door and saying a 30 second pitch to everyone you speak to wouldyou be willing to quit your 8 hours a day Social Media, Blogging, Twitter Loving life?At some point you will wake up and realize that a HUGE curtain has been pulled overyour eyes to stop you from seeing how simple and how easy it truly can be for you tomake money. Social Media is the biggest curtain our “friendly” millionaire marketers have created for society to “profit” from!How much food have you actually put on the table from what you do every day in the online world of Social Media marketing? Don’t fall in line with the sheep! Be your own guide and let fate come to you. It’s way easier to accomplish this goal than youthink. Cheers to a Happy New Year!

About the Author

Marshall Adler is a true innovator and Entrepreneur who recognizes that certain people have blanketed our society with “curtains” and other illogical elements to stop and impede those of us who truly are getting close to accomplishing the one goal that’s hidden underneath all the Social Media lies and purism.

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