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Some Social Media Marketing Updates

Article by Karen Barney

There have been a few changes and new features rolled out by popular social media sites. Find out how this can benefit marketers.

Now that online sales during the holidays are continuing in their upward trend, this has led to many internet marketers trying to develop competitive and creative ways to target their potential customers, as well as find some valuable business partners. Social media marketing is also an area that has grown significantly in the past few years, which has led many businesses to use it as a way to expend their online visibility. This also includes local businesses. In fact, many companies that do internet marketing in Boston have turned their attention to social media in recent times.

Social media platforms have also noticed this and are now rolling out some changes to be more useful to their business users. But according to a recent Webmaster World, there needs to be a fine balance between good advertising opportunities for business users and a positive user experience for individuals on the social network. Few social media users would want to see a user interface where 75% of the page is covered in ads and have to deal with annoying pop up ads every time they click on a link. Any good Boston digital marketing agency will tell you that advertising online needs to be catchy to get the users attention, but not obtrusive in a way that it will interfere with normal navigation of a website or annoy the user to the point where they’ll start to reconsider as to whether they want to visit the social media site again in the future.

This is something that has been understood very well by Twitter ever since their service has started. The company is now rolling out some changes that will benefit their business users without having any potential negative impact on individuals. Twitter is planning to roll out “Brand” page that will give a more efficient platform to companies. Brand pages will allow businesses to have a bigger logo as their default image, plus a banner at the top of the page that will let them draw attention to their business slogan.

Google is also making some changes to their Google+ service, which has caught the attention of some Boston search engine optimization professionals and online marketing experts in general. Google+ pages will now be visible on Google search results for all users, whether or not they’re actually logged in to a Google account. Therefore, when a user Googles the name of a business that has a page on Google+, the account will be shown in the search results. Also, content that was shared by the business on their Google+ account has the option of being featured as a link under the result for the company’s Google+ account. This gives some good opportunities for companies that want to get better results from their SEO efforts, as they have one more opportunity to be featured well on search engine results.

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