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The future of B2B social media marketing

Article by Light Zhao

Talking about social media marketing, many people tends to use it as a tool for B2C enterprises. A study of a social media use might change your idea on social media marketing. The statistics demonstrates that North American B2B companies are more likely to introduce social media tools compared with B2C companies.

There are four main reasons why B2B enterprises use social media tools, lead thought, collect feedback, advertising and market probe. While lead thought and collect feedback take dominant position in utilizing social media for B2B enterprises. In the social media world, Twitter and LinkedIn are featured representatives of above two utilizations.

Words on twitter are on behalf of the author as well as the company behind the author, it has become a stream leader to some extent. Suitable news of you and your company would probably influence many interested followers and potential customers who wants to learn the latest updates from your side.

The interactive system of LinkedIn is helping many enterprises collect end users feedbacks that are quite useful to services or products improvement. This has been proved to be a very efficient way and cost down solution as compared with practical market research. LinkedIn Answers allows you ask question of up to 200 of your instant contacts. You got maximum seven days to collect answers to your question and rate them. LinkedIn poll is another useful tool for you to gather ideas through net work.

There is much power of social media on B2B marketing for you to dig out. A prosperous prospect of B2B social media marketing is showing in right front of you. More and more B2B enterprises are considering social media marketing a necessary and helpful tool to the development of them. By the way, the model of B2B social media marketing is changing to form of video and mobile according to a social survey of a large research company.

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