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The Overlooked Importance of Local Search Engine Marketing

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The Internet has provided a fantastic opportunity for many businesses to expand their customer base from local to state, national or even worldwide. A new class of company has evolved that sells products to the world without even having a traditional brick and mortar retail presence –think, for example. In this business environment, where someone from Finland might buy a camera from a store located in California simply because that store’s name showed up near the top of the Google search for a particular model, search engine rankings have become all important. When a customer could be located anywhere in the world, reaching the top of the search results for Google, Yahoo or Bing means the potential for a lot more targeted traffic and visitors that could become customers.

Where are traditional small businesses left when it comes to this drive to the top of search engine rankings? Despite the move toward globalization, there are still many companies that rely on local customers for some or even all of their sales. Companies like bakeries, car dealerships, auto repair shops, florists, grocery stores, taxi services, movie theaters and landscapers. For many of these businesses, being at the top of a Google search by someone living thousands of miles away isn’t important — but being easy to find online by someone in their neighborhood is critical. Local customers are using their smartphones more than the phone book these days to find merchants and services nearby. According to estimates, nearly two and a half billion people search online every month for a local business.

An expert in search engine optimization can help by devising a campaign that ensures a business is highly visible in local searches. Achieving top results requires an approach that accounts for multiple elements. For example, many cities have local online business directories and local business review sites. Google Places is a critical element, as it not only ties in to the world’s largest and best known search engine, but it also incorporates features that are important to people searching for a local business, such as customer reviews. Other tools available to a digital marketing agency include local advertising placements and even coupons to attract local customers. Social media can be an important part of a local internet marketing campaign as well, with Facebook, Twitter and other social networks all providing the opportunity to raise local visibility while engaging with customers.

For many companies, appearing at the top of a Google page when someone halfway around the world searches for their product may not be important. However, being number one when someone in their city is searching for their product or service is crucial. Local search engine marketing ensures that local customers can quickly find your business online.

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Kelly Hunt analyzes search engine behavior, publishing effective SEO tactics and advice through companies like The SEO Agency. In a recent series of articles, Kelly has outlined the significance of local search engine marketing, something often overlooked in the globalization of the web.

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