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The Story of Orabrush search engine optimization online marketing bulkping video We want to thank YouTube for leveling the playing field and making something like Orabrush possible :) Dr. Bob Wagstaff (75 yr old inventor of the Orabrush) spent 8 years trying to bring Orabrush to market. He spent over k on an infomercial. It only sold about 100 orders. He approached Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and many others, but no one was interested in his tongue cleaner. He approached Oral-B and Colgate asking if they wanted to buy his patent. They were not interested. In 2009, as a last ditch effort, Dr. Bob went to the Marriott School of Management at BYU and asked a market research class to see if they could come up with new ways to market the product online. The student group presented their findings and said: “92% of the people who would actually like to try Orabrush will not buy Orabrush on the internet. We suggest you drop the idea of marketing Orabrush on the Internet.” A student (Jeffrey Harmon) who was not a part of the project raised his hand and asked, “That means 8% probably will buy Orabrush. That is millions of people, why don’t you focus on them?” Dr. Bob approached Jeffrey after the class. He wanted to learn more about what Jeffrey had to say. Jeffrey said, “I love your product. I could sell Orabrush online.” Dr Bob offered Jeffrey his old motorcycle (at 75 years old, Dr. Bob didn’t ride his Motorcycle much anymore) in return for helping market Orabrush. Jeffrey was
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