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Tips for New Social Media Consultants

Article by Jason Murphy

Social media consultants are popping up everywhere.  I’m not one of the guys you need to be worried about. I’m a professional and I work for a major clients. I don’t position myself as a guru or expert. I’ve just spent way more time using social media than most – making me a person with knowledge. Knowledge can be transferred and turned into revenue when it is relevant and in-demand. I put this post together for other social media consultants or those who aspire to become one. Feel free to comment or add your thoughts as well.

1. Be prepared to answer the ROI (Return on Investment) question. If you can’t articulate the dollars and cents of social media then you are not a consultant.

2. Have a deep knowledge of the measurement tools that are available. A good social media consultant knows what tools do what. Managing and measuring are what most good consultants get paid to do.

3.  Use images and video as much as possible to get your point across. Words like “tweets”, “pingbacks” and “follows” don’t make sense to everyone. Understand your audience and use images and video to convey the complex.

4. Be prepared to invest accordingly. Running an efficient, effective and engaging social media campaign requires a significant investment. Sure the platforms are usually free, but the tools we use to get results usually are not.

5. Communication is critical, keep it light and direct. Social media marketing (SMM) is still relatively new for most people. When you are following up with potential clients remain friendly and do it often. Real world communication values and ethics transfer to social media – show yours accordingly.

These are a few things I’ve learned as a social media consultant. There are literally dozens more. I’ll try to organize and post more as they reveal themselves.

What are a few things you’ve learned?

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I am a social media and digital marketing consultant.

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