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Using Social Media Marketing Bellingham Washington to Build Brand Recognition

Article by Online Marketing DNA

Social media marketing Bellingham Washington provides opportunity for business owners within this Northwest region to connect with their community and help visitors easily locate them.

When companies embrace social media marketing Bellingham Washington they can improve their online visibility while building brand recognition. Social marketing is a powerful tool that helps companies promote a variety of online marketing strategies through various channels.

Learning how to interconnect each strategy is the key to success. Social marketing can be used as a lead generation tool and to enhance customer relations. By becoming ‘social’ with those who visit company websites, blogs, or participate in social networking groups, businesses can engage in building long-term relationships and develop trust and confidence in their product or service.

There are many ways for Bellingham business owners to participate in social media marketing. One of the more popular methods is to develop a Facebook business page, but this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Social marketing typically begins with creating a website, as this venue is often used for most types of online marketing. Businesses can share company information, sell products, publish digital newsletters, informative articles, how to videos, audio podcasts, and press releases.

Online marketing endeavors can then be shared via publishing directories and promoted via social outlets. For example, a company could write an article about their flagship product. The article could be published via an article directory and then promoted through a Facebook business page or Twitter. Readers could leave comments either at the article directory or through social outlets where it is promoted.

Many businesses are using blogs as a supplementary marketing tool to their company website. Blogs can be a powerful social marketing tool because visitors can easily publish comments, as well as subscribe to RSS feeds to receive instant notification of newly published blog posts.

In addition to receiving blog comments, Bellingham business owners can also engage in social marketing by publishing comments at like-minded businesses. This is referred to as link building online and is a good way to develop a high level of inbound links.

Websites and blogs that have numerous inbound links tend to have higher search engine rankings. Although search engines do not divulge their exact criteria for ranking, industry-experts believe that obtaining inbound links from quality sites is an important element.

Another form of social media marketing is publishing company information via local listing directories. Local search is a relatively new advertising venue that is certain to explode in upcoming months.

Entering into local search Bellingham Washington lets companies provide their phone number, address, hours of operation, and website URL. Most local search directories allow customers to provide reviews which can be very beneficial for businesses. Prior to entering into social media marketing, business owners should develop an online marketing plan. There are so many facets of this form of marketing that it is impossible to fully capitalize on each available strategy without a strategic plan in place.

Bellingham business owners often find it helpful to work with a marketing consultant to determine which strategies are best suited for their company. Others find it advantageous to outsource advertising projects to an online marketing company. Working with professionals can ease burdens of incorporating social media into current marketing plans.

Companies that learn how to effectively incorporate social media marketing Bellingham Washington can reap multiple benefits. However, entering into this territory is no easy task. Those who decide to fly solo should at least consider enrolling in a marketing training course to learn the fundamentals and maximize results.

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