Reputation Management

UT Austin discusses social media campaign success with Vitrue – The best reactions we get from our fans is when we post photos such as a slice of life photo of what life is like being an athlete at the University of Texas. Some examples come to mind. The Texas baseball team was in the college world series this last spring. We had some simple photos and posts with those photos got great traffic and interaction. They were shared an extraordinary amount and it was really surprising to us, but now we know what people want to see. Another example is that with the launch of the Longhorn Network, we had some of our athletes get a behind-the-scenes tour, and a photo of them on the set got an enormous response from fans. It was something they couldn’t see except for on our Facebook page. Our fans aren’t really in a media market where they get information about UT Athletics on a regular basis. Being able to give them that information makes them really feel like they are part of this Longhorn Nation we have.
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