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Optimization of web pages about the problem many people have no concept, there are many people in the industry are ignorant of the page optimization or poorly understood. Speaking of understanding on the page optimization, I have to search through the major search engines “page optimize” the subject of a class, the result is how to optimize search engine rankings of articles, it is merely a part of the concept of optimization, and Web page optimization is composed of many aspects of the optimization, page optimization as an excellent staff must possess a wide range of knowledge, not only to master web design technologies (including web site architecture design, web page design and production code etc.); still have plenty of knowledge of other aspects of the computer (including e-commerce, human-computer interaction, usability, and some related software knowledge, etc.); even need to master the psychology, business operations and other related knowledge.I think that should be the optimization of web pages composed of two aspects: 1. Technology optimization, 2. HUMANITIES optimization (just my summary of this classification, no one give any specific definition). Technology optimization refers to the code optimization, directory structure optimization and for search engine optimization, and so for the technical aspects of the optimization work, usually invisible, but will also give users convenient access to the site with to greater efficiency, technology and the optimization of a certain mode of what needs to be optimized is relatively fixed number of relatively simple matter of time; Humanities optimization refers to the interactive optimization, optimization, and so ease of use for users in the use of optimization, This section is the site of the user visible things touch, human optimization is the most experienced of the most difficult to spend because we have to guess the user’s psychological. Below I will explain each of these two aspects.

Technology optimization:

Technology optimization consists of code optimization, directory structure optimization and search engine optimization for the three parts. Optimization of this part of website development work is mainly done to test a proposal, but there are certain rules, so the relatively simpler matter of time.

(1) Code Optimization:

Code optimization problems is the main page browsing speed and adaptability issues. Page text and images constitute the two main factors, we have optimized text and pictures from the start. Text pages in the production of the time we are basically defined the general use Times New Roman, and 12px, as the code of the standard font size, etc. of the specified style css style sheet should be used to complete, and now is widely used in the tags are not standard and so on, will gradually be replaced by css, and now many large sites, including the various portals like this non-standard problem is the widespread, there will be almost every page, so the css style sheet is in the optimization process should be careful to check the problem (in fact, this issue should be made when the page address.) Image problem mainly exists the problem of excessive size, here we go image optimization with the description in the code optimization and not part of another sub-category, because the image optimization and content optimization code, the purpose is the same. General application page images in two formats jpeg and gif, the application of these two pictures are not very good grasp of many people, jpeg for more colors to form more complex images (such as some photos, gradient colors, etc.) , gif for the color is relatively small, relatively simple picture composition (such as site logo, consisting of large blocks of color images, etc.). gif images to export particular attention to the number of colors so that when the choice will be reduced in size to achieve good results. For some of the big picture we can cut it to stitch the pictures smaller so you can improve page download speed. Reduce the size to improve web page download speed there is a simple way to lose weight is to use some pages of small tools, we can go to download some of these tools that they can make your web pages narrow 20% to 50% to a multiplier effect. Form is the most important page layout mode, the code in the browser when the page read, must read a complete table will be displayed, if a large table containing many small table inside the browser will read the entire Great The entire contents of the table was displayed. We have some pages in the browser when the page is often a long time to appear and, finally, can not wait to press the “stop” button, the page displayed at once, and this is in some small table outside a large nested the table, while the small table had finished reading the whole table is not the browser will not display, it would greatly slow down the speed of page views. Therefore, we want to minimize the table level, try to avoid some of the smaller forms nested in the middle of a large table. It should also be noted that web pages using dreamweaver often occur when a lot of garbage code, pay attention to check remove some useless code. Adaptability of the page is in different systems and different browsers and different resolution adaptation. Note that the resolution should be at least take care of the user, so the maximum width of not more than 780 pages, must not allow users to drag the page horizontally.

(2) directory structure optimization:

Now many sites have scattered all the pages in the same folder but not classified, that while you can, but after the maintenance work will bring great trouble. I suggest that there should be a large folder, inside the folder, including all channels, web page images folder content of a picture folder, and so a separate category folder, so when the maintenance can easily find each the specific location of the page.

(3) for search engine optimization:

“Keyword” in the search engine is a core topic in the word, almost all for search engine optimization questions revolve around “keywords” started. There are many people who blindly pursue reflected everywhere in the page keyword, think it is easier to search by search engines, in fact, doing so is not necessarily appropriate. For example a while ago, an epidemic of “ghost Tips”, is to use the same color as the background and Web pages hidden in a lot of keywords, many people are still using this method, but as more and more search engine features This method has not been so powerful easy to use, and even counterproductive. “Keyword” the embodiment should be reasonable, for example we could create a “Site Map” page, navigation pages for each keyword will be reflected most vividly, this page will not only be more user-friendly easy to find by search engines play a multiplier effect.

As search engines have a picture search function, inside pages reflect the keywords the picture is a good place to add a picture inside the page Do not forget to post pictures from a “name” we give the name of the picture could be the keyword. Domain names containing keywords inside is also very important, but not too much, usually one or two of the most important on it, if too much it will affect your search engine rankings and inconvenient to the user memory. The name of the page is the same child, now a child of many sites is the keyword stuffing a page name, in fact, will reduce the probability of the appearance of each keyword, the results have been discounted for each keyword is ignored and even counterproductive. Named in the sub-page also has great knowledge, a few key words form the name of the sub-page, but this is what a few key words connected with it? Break off if the search engine keywords so that they are a not a word but a word will be when they are dealing with, but some of the same separator does not recognize a search engine, such as “_” and “-” in the google inside the underscore “_” will not be accepted, it is recommended that you use the “-” and a space (space code:% 20), the general acceptance of all the search engines. Do not use the Chinese to the page name, page name, image name, etc., should use the English alphabet xenpakdwdmgbic

Although many pages are very nice but not practical, we took the jump page is now very popular for it! Now many companies are popular sites to do a jump page, or a dynamic flash or a pretty picture, they thought that was pretty special to reflect the company’s image, in fact they do not know very much affect the search engine your site.

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