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Article by Michael John

Now-a-days lot of stuff are coming out about the companies who spam the search engines through unethical SEO, so this makes it very important to hire only Professional SEO consultant and Professional SEM consultant. When we think about this ethics, it is not just anything else to be quantified. What is the thing that makes the SEO technique ethical or unethical? Anything that is done to trick the search engines is sure unethical. At the same time I do not believe that people who follow the wrong SEO techniques can be called as unethical, just as the way people who follow the search engine rules cannot be called as ethical.

So instead we can discuss about the companies that has SEO professionals and which are just out of the bucket. This is really a very simple fact and is also true in all the industries. So when the people are able to remember this when they build a professional SEO company it will make lot of things smoother and it is quite simple also.

It would be really like hitting the nail in the head when you see people saying, I will take your money and make adjustments to the meta tags. Of course this is the easy way of making money. But it would be breath taking when one comes to know that this will not really help the site to increase their visibility in the search engines.

At the same time think about the potential clients who say that we know what is exactly needed for the site since they know little of SEO. If those clients ask you to create 10 doorway pages for their site. They do not want to you touch the actual site pages, they just want you to fringe the site.

My question here is that will you give the client the quote for this, even though you know it is not the best way to optimize the site. Unquestionably creating those pages may not be considered as unethical or anything else. On the other hand what will you do if their current site has tons of quality content pages? They don’t want to add zebra pages to the site, they just want to tweak the contents a bit to confirm that they are using the keywords that people will use for searching. So what would you explain to your client still they are standing on the doorway pages? They also refuse to make changes to the actual pages even though the site will improve a lot when small changes are done to the content. So what will you do then? Will you start doing the things the way they want?

If the situation was mine, then I will not try to persuade them how wrong and unnecessary those preferred things were. Instead I will turn down my job altogether. Since it is hard to digest the money that these kinds of jobs would bring. There are many ways though which one can justify him. But at the end is that the work of a professional SEO to do things that is known as wrong in your heart. If this is the case means then you are not eligible to get the particular job. There will be other jobs where other clients will appreciate your job. The money that you lose by declining this type of work can be made up in other ways.

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