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What is Search Engine Marketing, and how can it help businesses?

Article by Ruth Lee

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) involves a combination of free website submissions and paid search engine listings, to ensure a website reaches customers using search engines to purchase products and services.

Whether an organisation is using the Internet to promote their brand or company, or selling products directly to the public, the key to success lies in the ability to attract the right type and volume of visitors to the company’s website.

Second only to email, search engines are the most popular service on the Internet. By instantly reaching ationwide and even global demographics, Search Engine Marketing offers a series of unique advantages, including:

* Extreme leverage – reach millions of prospective customers instantly* High precision – reach specifically targeted demographics* Low overheads – save money on printing, postage and distribution* Measurable results – track how and why prospects find you* Low risk – avoid the costly pitfalls of traditional marketing techniques

These unique benefits have made search engines the most powerful marketing tools in the world. Thousands of Australian, USA and UK based companies are already enjoying the benefits of Search Engine Marketing, and so can you. Most companies that provide search engine optimisation and marketing services rate their performance by the number of visitors they attract to a website, a figure that on its own is ultimately not of great significance.

At Newpath WEB it is our job is to help clients discover how Search engine marketing can be adapted to each unique situation. We pride our search engine marketing and website marketing services on being able to successfully help clients implement a strategy that will drive ideal prospective customers to their websites.

No matter how bullet-proof a business plan is, and how clever the product and sales materials are, without access to a large market and a steady stream of qualified sales leads rapid growth is impossible. This is where a search engine marketing firm can assist.

While traditional marketing techniques are limited by social and geographical challenges, Search Engine Marketing provides an unprecedented opportunity to quickly reach a huge target market, without the costly overheads.

Mass marketing is of course nothing new. Television and radio have always allowed companies with a large budget to generate exposure. However, the goal of a marketing campaign is to generate sales, something that depends on a prospect’s ability to respond to a campaign by taking action.

Most traditional marketing techniques simply involve delivering a particular message. However, because of the Internet’s ability to facilitate two-way communication reaching a person while online allows a company to exchange information and lead the prospect directly into its regular sales process.

Search engine marketing is an industry where the principle of first in best dressed still largely applies. If a company wishes to have a successful online presence, and reap the rewards of professional search engine marketing services, they must act now to ensure a great search engine ranking for their website.

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