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What is Social Media And Its Importance

Article by Makan Malik

Hang around with a couple of Internet marketers and you bound to hear the words “social media” or “web 2.0” (which is pretty much the same thing) every now and then. Before getting to know why it is important to Internet marketers, you should first ask “what is social media”? Everyday before work you go through the morning paper or perhaps listen to the radio to keep yourself updated on the latest news. The newspaper and radio are forms of media, a type of communication. As you would have guessed, “web 2.0” or “social media” is a type of communication, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Due to their huge user base, it would come as no surprise why getting in tune with these kinds of networking services is important for Internet marketers.

Anyone can view the contents you post up. It is not limited to hundred of people only. For example, Facebook and Twitters have millions of registered users and that means there are millions of possible visitors. The easiest way to get people to spread the word for you is to be unique. You should read more about Facebook Viral Marketing and ensure you get your slice of the massive social media pie while you still can! Getting your products or websites known is not easy due to huge competition. After all, you are not the only fish in the pond. By using Facebook or Twitter, you can get your friends and families to help you spread the word. This method is easy, free and has the potential to go viral.

What are the advantages of Social bookmarking?

– We can store, organize, search and manage bookmarks, then we can access these from any internet connection no matter where we are in the world.- These sites are browser independent, so you can get into your account from any browser on any computer.- These sites allow you to share bookmarks with anyone that has an account.- Most importantly It provides a way for you to tell people about your website and build one way links to your site.

Second, using these new media strategies is a great way to make your presence known. You want to get as much exposure as possible, getting people to know who you are. There’s no better way than to participate in social media… which is by far the most popular communication tool of today. It is recommended to join as many social media networks as possible but only focus on a few. Let say your blog is your main social media platform and you keep it updated with articles or product information. From there you can spread the word about your blogs through other networking sites like Facebook or Twitter. This way you need not spend much effort providing special content for each social media but at the same time, still get the word out to as many people as you can.

There are hundreds of social bookmarking sites. What is the purpose or use of these sites to me was a mystery. Here is what I found out. The original or traditional social bookmarking sites were and still are used to bookmark our favorite websites. Our browsers have a spot that we can save our favorites but we can only access them from that computer, with a spot online we can access them from any computer. I wondered why on some of the social bookmarking sites like delicious these squares with words came up some words larger and some smaller came up. This is called a Tag Cloud. These are a visual way to see the foklsonomy. The larger the font the more popular the tag word is, you can then click a tag in the tag cloud to see the latest bookmarks saved with that tag.

The second word was Folksonomy: thru the process of multiple people setting up bookmarks to a given URL and assigning their own tags to describe it, a whole set of keywords describing the site begins to take shape. Thru public opinion or communities a taxonomy develops as dozens, hundreds or even thousands of people come to a social bookmarking sites and enter a tag for a specific website or webpage. The advantage they say of the folksonomy is it provides a democratic tagging system that reflects the opinions of the general public. Some other words you may here to describe this are collaborative tagging, social classification, and social tagging.

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