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What Is Social Media Marketing and Why Is It Important?

Article by Eric Pratt

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. These are all examples of social media, and I bet as soon as you hear these words, you can add at least another three sites to the list off the top of your head. But what is it? Social media is the future of communication, plain and simple. It represents the online tools that enable you to interact in one-one, one-many, many-many conversational format deviating from usual one-way broadcasting options offered by media.There are many ways it can be used in ways to promote a business. Some examples are to establish a brand, to increase traffic, contain knowledge, and to interact with your customers. In the near future people are going to use It to find products and services. Hence, isn’t it time you embrace it to establish branding of your product or service?Statistics of it are obvious reasons on why each company needs to put time and energy towards it in order to be leaders in their industry. 80% of companies are using LinkedIn in order to find employees to work for their company. If a company is not using LinkedIn than how will they learn about possible future employees? 80% of people tweet on mobile device anywhere anytime. If you are not on Twitter how will your company stay up on the latest news? YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. That shows companies need to be interacting on YouTube to be recognized by target markets.Now, you are probably what the main tools that can be used in order to promote your business. The big four tool are Facebook (social network), Twitter (Micro-blogs), LinkedIn (Business Social Network), and Blogs (Social Media blogs).Social networking is always important when it is real and it will be a useless distraction when it is fake. Companies need to measure their cliental based on having all connections worthwhile to them and gain benefits rather than just trying to maximize numbers. It consists of the attempt to use it to persuade consumers that one’s company, products and/or services are worthwhile. To use It effectively, businesses have to be perceived as members of the it community, willing to interact with other members.Still, it is a type of marketing that many small businesses could benefit from, if only to find out more about what their customers are thinking – and saying – about their brand and their products.

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