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What you Need to Know about Social Media Marketing

Article by Ronald Escanlar

Social media marketing is the latest buzzword to hit the Internet waves with the emergence of social networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and many others. Social networks have brought with them new marketing techniques and tricks into targeting niche markets. Social networks, which are global in nature but local in effect, enable users to share common likes and dislikes. This helped marketers in immediately identifying possible markets for their products.

Social media marketing involves marketing evolved to take advantage of social networks. The virtual communities created by social networks became fertile grounds for marketing and products. In the olden days, marketers had to organize focus group discussions to test their products and get feedback from potential users. Nowadays, all that a marketer has to do is to establish a presence in a social network, create buzz for the product, and enable potential users to access the product’s social network presence.

Social media marketing, like real-world marketing, can also turn off potential clients if done aggressively. The reaction to viral marketing efforts through social networking sites such as Facebook is still very mixed. Facebook, on its part, faced stiff opposition when they tried to apply their data of user patterns to serve up user-specific ads. Social media marketing can thus be seen as a double-edged sword that can negatively affect your product and your marketing efforts if done incorrectly.

Most users, though, are keen on receiving subtle marketing tactics instead of obvious marketing techniques. Creative social media marketing tactics, such as those done by Wieden+Kennedy for Old Spice, have pulled in users from all over the world who were fascinated by the clever copy and exciting imagery employed by the campaign. The Old Spice campaign spilled over from the television to social network sites Twitter and Facebook, and video sharing site YouTube. Sales rocketed to 107%, changing the brand associated with old men into an aphrodisiac.

Simply put, social media marketing employed with grace and charm can make wonders for your product.

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