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Your Search Engine Marketing Strategy Will Dictate Your Website’s Ranking!

Article by Paul Summers

The difference between a successful and not so successful internet marketing business ultimately comes down to one (or more) of the three key components of Product, Website or Traffic not operating to their optimum capability. To drive traffic in massive amounts, it’s essential to have a fully working search engine marketing strategy. Let’s consider some ways you can achieve high search engine ranking for your website.

Whilst there are numerous search engines around, Google, Yahoo and MSN are obviously the big players. Therefore, your strategy needs to target their requirements. The following suggestions should help.

You need to know what keywords your target audience is using when searching for your product or service. Although there are tools that can help short cut the process, if you are just starting out it pays to carry out your research the manual way. One way is to use the Google keyword tool, where you can enter one word or phrase related to your service, and the tool will supply numerous related keywords, with associated analysis regarding volume and popularity.

A vital part of your search engine marketing strategy is to ensure your actual domain name (www.etc) includes one of the main keywords. Having a top keyword here will definitely help your site attain a decent ranking. is preferable, if not available domain will also do a decent job, as long as the right keyword is being used. If none of these are available, start again with another decent keyword from your list.

Titles and headlines contained on your website should also include the keywords. Don’t randomly create titles and headlines on the pages without closely referring to your best keywords list. If necessary, change the wording or subject of the relevant article to ensure the title/heading is all about the keyword.

As much as possible, cut out, or avoid, waffle that adds nothing to your website in terms of usefulness to the reader. Once again, make sure your content is keyword rich, and use the keywords two or three times per article. Use separate articles targeting different keywords. Try not to overdo it though – blatant repeat use of a keyword just to try to get it noticed will be highlighted when the search engines are scanning it – and anything that looks suspicious will alert the engines, creating a detrimental effect on your site’s ranking.

Search engine marketing strategy is a whole science in itself, but the above represents some common sense ways in which you can achieve high ranking for your sites. Submitting related articles to article directories (using the best keywords from your list) will supplement the optimisation on your site, and provide more opportunities for high and consistent ranking.

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